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Automatic watches, exemplified by the exquisite timepieces crafted by RauhWatch, are not merely functional accessories; they are masterpieces of horology. These precision-engineered instruments deserve the utmost care to maintain their accuracy, beauty, and longevity. In this article, we’ll delve into why it is crucial to store your automatic watch correctly and why we recommend the use of a Watch Winder for this purpose.

Automatic Watches: A Marvel of Engineering

Automatic watches are a marvel of intricate engineering. They rely on the kinetic energy generated by the wearer’s movement to keep time. However, when left unworn for extended periods, these watches can lose their power reserve, causing them to stop. Additionally, dust and moisture can affect their delicate mechanisms. This is where proper storage becomes essential.

The Importance of Correct Storage

Properly storing your automatic watch not only ensures it stays accurate but also preserves its aesthetic appeal. Here are some reasons why correct storage matters:

– **Preserving Accuracy**: Consistently keeping your automatic watch running ensures its internal components remain well-lubricated and functioning optimally. This helps maintain accurate timekeeping.

– **Protecting the Movement**: Dust and moisture can harm the delicate movement of your watch. Storing it in a controlled environment shields it from these elements.

– **Preventing Wear and Tear**: Continuous winding by a watch winder prevents unnecessary wear on the winding stem and crown, extending the watch’s lifespan.

– **Ease of Use**: With a properly stored automatic watch, you can grab it and go without the hassle of manually winding and setting the time.

Introducing the Watch Winder

A Watch Winder is a specialized device designed to keep your automatic watch running when not worn. Here’s why we recommend it for your RauhWatch or any other automatic timepiece:

– **Consistent Movement**: A Watch Winder mimics the motion of your wrist, gently rotating the watch to keep it wound. This ensures the watch remains ready to wear, with the correct time and date.

– **Customized Settings**: Many Watch Winders allow you to set rotation directions and turns per day, accommodating different watch models’ requirements.

– **Aesthetically Pleasing Display**: Many Watch Winders are elegantly designed, serving as both a functional accessory and a display piece for your watch collection.

– **Protection**: By keeping your automatic watch in a Watch Winder, you shield it from dust, moisture, and potential damage.


In conclusion, owning an automatic watch like a RauhWatch is a testament to your appreciation of craftsmanship and precision. To ensure your investment continues to shine and function flawlessly, proper storage is paramount. A Watch Winder not only takes care of the technical aspects but also adds an element of sophistication to your watch collection. So, consider investing in a Watch Winder to preserve the beauty and functionality of your cherished automatic timepiece for years to come.

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