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I am very excited. Have the watch in silver and the processing, the wearing comfort as well as the simple elegance are more than impressive. You don't want to take the watch off. A noble companion with a lot of understatement, both in everyday life and in business.

— Online customer

Schmackofatzo these watches ... both in steel and in rosé. Very enthusiastic!


Thank you for the very courteous customer service.
I will definitely recommend you and your products.

— Online customer

I already own the RauhWatch Rosé and I am extremely satisfied.

— Online customer

Top watch, value for money 👍

— Online customer

I personally like the overall package and the attention to detail. I especially like the combination of the black silicone strap in connection with the rose gold watch.

— Mido Vibes

I am absolutely thrilled with my Rauhwatch! The workmanship is first class and the design is great. Comfortable to wear and I have received many compliments on my watch. Great!!!

— Online customer

Hey, I ordered your watch for the first time and I am very satisfied. Follow you on TikTok. Thank you, very high quality processed.

— Online customer

Time is an important success factor in my job. In top-class cuisine, the perfect timing for the many components and how they are served on the plate is essential in order to create a perfect culinary experience for the guest. I found the right accessory at Rauhwatches. An elegant watch that sets the pace for me.”

— Tristan Brandt
Elegant and comfortable to wear.